We make compliance with regulations like HIPAA, OSHA, HR, and Fraud & Abuse easy. We are practicing optometrists and state association leaders, who understand the challenges you face. Our products are simple do-it-yourself solutions for creating manuals, patient forms, staff training, and compliance documents in just a few short steps. Each product is optometry specific and takes into account both Federal as well as State laws. We have a dedicated customer support center to walk you through the process and can even perform onsite completion if needed.

We are currently offering a 25% off discount on our U&C Setup Fees for all compliance packages to SNAPP members.


HIPAA Package – $624.00 (includes first year of Maintenance Fee; $99 after 1/yr)

Hazard Package – $624.00 (includes first year of Maintenance Fee; $99 after 1/yr)

F&A Package – $499.00 (includes first year of Maintenance Fee; $99 after 1/yr)

HR Package – $674.00 (includes first year of Maintenance Fee; $149 after 1/yr)

 * please note that all prices listed are for a single location; there will be an additional 10% increase in both the Setup and Maintenance Fees for each additional location.

 For more details on the PCS App and how the compliance packages work please take a moment to view the following video: https://vimeo.com/354553838

The Onsite Overhaul Service is quickly becoming our most popular service and we strongly recommend you consider this option – time is money. The service includes:

  • Gathering all the information needed for all packages partly from questionnaires you complete and a lot from the onsite visit. We then complete everything for you…every form, document, and manual.  It is all done correctly and in compliance with both Federal and State law.
  • We inspect your office as if the HIPAA and OSHA police came to visit. You receive an extensive report of everything we find that might need your attention.
  • Includes HIPAA, Hazard, and Fraud & Abuse – can add HR for 50% off U&C Setup Fee
  • We provide multiple training options for the required staff training

We also offer a complete Remote Billing Service for everything from claims filing to reconciling of EOBs. Our billing specialists are the best in the industry and file over $1 million per month! If you are frustrated with insurance, let us maximize your reimbursement legally and ethically.

If you are interested in taking advantage of any of the services we offer at PCS, please email Justin DeLoach – Operations Manager / Director of Client Relations at justin@practicecompliancesolutions.com or call 844.626.6759 x 705