MEMBER REWARDS: Meeting Attendance Stipend

Who Qualifies:

  • One (1) Doctor & one (1) non-OD owner per store qualify for 100% stipend
  • One (1) Manager per store qualifies for 50% stipend

Qualify by completing all of the following:

  • Register for the meeting by the registration deadline (3 weeks before start date of meeting)
  • Arrive on-time at 10:45am Wednesday morning
  • Get passport book stamped from each partner at the trade fair lunch on Wednesday
  • Get passport book stamped for each break-out session on Wednesday
  • Fully participate in the meeting all 3 days & get passport book stamped for all days

Stipend amount will be determined by how many members qualify for stipend.

Stipend checks will be written and distributed at close of meeting on Friday at 2:00pm