Our Mission Statement

SNAPP is a professional society for Pearle Vision Licensees and optometrists affiliated with Pearle Vision.

SNAPP has a “Three Tier Mission” including group buying discounts, education (professional and  business), and camaraderie, so Pearle professionals can help each other become more successful by sharing best practices and business growth strategies.

Group Buying Discounts: SNAPP will unite Pearle Vision professionals into one group to secure group buying discounts on ophthalmic lenses, lab equipment, ophthalmic medical equipment, contact lenses, payroll service, credit card processing and electronic health records.

Camaraderie: SNAPP will provide a network of support to Pearle professionals to assist in sharing information on how to grow our businesses and become more profitable.

Education: SNAPP will hold an annual meeting which will offer professional education for optometrists and opticians to meet their continuing education licensing requirements. This meeting will also offer business education including human resources training, readiness for “Affordable Health Care Act”, Information on electronic health records, HIPAA compliance and ICD-10 changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Was SNAPP started by Luxottica?

A: No. SNAPP was started by the four board members who are all Pearle Vision Licensed Operators.  Our intention is to create a family of Pearle Affiliated Professionals for the benefit of the entire community.

Is SNAPP trying to replace the NFAC?

No.  SNAPP sees the role of the NFAC as a communication liaison between Pearle Vision Licensed Operators and Luxottica and Pearle corporate.   SNAPP’s role is to provide education (both professional and business) as well as negotiating better pricing for different products that licensed operators would be interested in.

Is there an annual membership fee for SNAPP members?

No. SNAPP membership is free to all Pearle Vision licensed operators and affiliated optometrists.

Watch a video about the Story of SNAPP: