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Transitions (R) Light Intelligent Lenses(TM) automatically adapt to changing light conditions and help protect against harmful blue light indoors and outdoors. These hassle-free lenses make everyday life simpler, while allowing you to pick your favorite color and choose your style for a look you love.

At Transitions Optical we help people live more vibrant lives by enhancing their vision and the way they perceive light.

We were the first to successfully commercialize a plastic photochromic lens in 1990 and our talented people continue to make significant advances in color science and lens materials, creating a better photochromic experience that’s available to more people.  Through our partnerships with optical industry leaders, we offer adaptive solutions in the widest selection of designs and materials, covering hundreds of lens combinations.

Our industry leading eyeglass brands are well known; Transitions(R) Signature(R), Transitions(R) Vantage(R) and Transitions(R) XTRActive(R).  And we don’t stop there; we also make adaptive sunwear and motorcycle helmet shields.