Dry Eye/OSD Expert Panel

To gain and share knowledge on the prevalence Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) in Ocular Surface Disease (OSD) patients. To evaluate MGD treatment options for efficacy and profitability and to create a best practices protocol for implementation.

The study will consist of 3 optometric groups totaling 9 providers. All O.D. Licensed Operators or employed O.D.s of Licensed Operators are eligible. SNAPP Vendor Partners will provide use of their equipment and instruments for a period of 45-90 days.

Licensed Operators will not pay for the equipment during the study but will be responsible for the cost of the disposable products required to perform in-office MGD treatment. If the Panel member decided to purchase the equipment at the end of the study, it will be available at a reduced cost.

Group A: LipiFlow and LipiView
Three study locations to evaluate LipiFlow and LipiView for 45 days
Evaluate all patients of age 30 and beyond for MGD.

Group B: Luneau Technology VX120 and TearCare
Three study locations to evaluate Luneau Technology VX120 for diagnosis of OSD and TearCare for treatment of MGD for 90 days. Evaluate all patients of age 30 and beyond.

Group C: TearCare treatment without supplemental diagnostic equipment
Three study locations would use normal clinical diagnostic equipment to determine presence of MGD and use TearCare for the treatment for 90 days.

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